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    I loved you at your darkest.
    — Romans 5:8 (via floridabred)
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sexiest thing ever.


    sexiest thing ever.

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    Project: We see people in the crowd byGuilherme Kramer

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    The more you love a memory the stronger and stranger it becomes.
    — Vladimir Nabokov. “Lolita” (via tomich14)

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    Cloud by Caitlind Brown.

    ‘Cloud’ is a large-scale interactive sculpture created from 6.000 light bulbs, new and burnt out. Constructed by artist Caitlind Brown and collaborator Wayne Garrett. As part of the process of creating the sculpture, Brown collected burnt out incandescent light bulbs from local households, businesses, museums, and eco stations. The idea was to create an informal collaboration between the community and the artists, reduce costs, and experiment with the potential of items post-use.